Sunday, December 18, 2011

Contract Brewing (Friend Requests)

For over a year now, I inevitably always here the same over and over, "hey can you make this for me"? Probably so but why? Though I have never replied with that answer (I'm jus way to nice to say no). More often than not I find myself completing these requests but now I hav found mself education my friends who request one of my beers. Whenever I see one of my kick ball friends of fellow co-workers drinking a mass market beer wth no flavor/taste I cringe the very moment that golden liquid hits their lips.


  1. so - are you saying you take requests? or not? can i commission a beer? what if i were having a birthday/bar mitzvah/wedding/anniversary/funeral/engagement/babyshower?? would you do it then? do you want people to pay you? (because i totally would)