Sunday, November 27, 2011

When good ideas (beer) go horribly wrong...

About 6 weeks ago while watching a few (YouTube) videos I came across a video discussing using other types of liquids to use in extract beers or in the grain bill for mashing and other purposes. Later on I watched a video using watermelon in the process instead of using water for the mash/boil process, at the time of the video I was very skeptical of using anything but water. But for fun and only risking 1 gallon on the process I decided to take a risk but with a twist. I thought of the videos on YouTube and watched people used pretty much anything they could extract juice (watermelon, oranges etc) so i decided to use cucumbers (why not?). The recipe is as follows (below)

Grains: 8.5 lbs Dingemans Belgian Pils 1.6L
.5 lbs Gambrinus Honey Malt 28L
Boiled Cucumber peeled and pressed for juice

Hops: 1 oz German Tradition 6.9% AA 60 min

Yeast: Nottingham

Tasting Notes: It's well interesting...well it's horrible and when i say horrible i mean it, i completely misjudged the taste of cucumber in beer, and well i am conceding that this was a first run of the idea, confidence is not high on this one!

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