Monday, October 31, 2011

Cinnamon Coffee Porter

Finally...The day has come to crack open one of my most anticipated brews of the year a porter! There is something about a dark rich beer in the autumn pie, a good baseball game and beer in hand is what autumn brings.

I brewed this wonderful porter in late September with hopes that around this time that it would be ready to drink and share with family and friends. The beer is a true dark porter that I tinkered with just a bit. At the end of the boil i added three cinnamon sticks and finally two cups of a New England coffee staple (Dunkin Donuts) five days after primary fermentation.

Sweet notes of cinnamon and molasses first strike you on your initial taste while the ever present DD coffee bring you closer to the snowy New England coast. One thing i will change on the next batch is more cinnamon perhaps after the initial fermentation. But no regrets with this one!!!

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