Sunday, September 25, 2011

Robust Porters

Porter....the definition could lead to many many debates on styles & variations of sorts. But for our mere discussion we simply consider it as a dark beer, and with that we have a multitude of flavors & profiles we can play with. With that said I'm doing tonight another take on "Vanilla Bean Coffee Porter" this time utilizing cinnamon as well.

Just as with any brew day a complete sterilization and deep cleaning of the brewing area is needed and well deserved, for this recipe I used a baseline extract recipe of steeping grans (Malts) and a single variety of Hops in two stages for flavor and bittering of the beer. And for fun I added a late addition of honey to "kick" up the alcohol (ABV) n the finished product, two weeks in the carboy and two or three week in the bottle before opening for a taste test....

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